Help needed - removing abandoned GSM antenna

Hello everyone! It seems that I’ve moved into a building, which has abondent hardware from an old unmaintained GSM antenna on my roof. I am trying to find someone who can help me manage this situation since my roof needs to be renovated, but we cannot do much before removing the equipment. Any ideas who can help?

First we need the location, and helpfull would be photo’s off the equipment and antennas. By location we could find in the database who was the provider. Also the photo’s might help in this. After that maybe someone could help you to contact the provider that is responsible.

Hi Franks, thanks for the quick reaction.

The location is:
Goeverneurlaan 9,
2523 BA, Den Haag.

Yesterday, the Antennebureau told me to approach Vodafone. Ericsson on behalf of Vodafone told me they are not the owner. Some time ago, I approached other institutions (Monet and Cellnext) and was told that the equipment has been first owned by Telfort, then by T-Mobile and now maybe Odido, but who knows?

Photos: Download -

Hi Alex!

If the equipment was previously owned by Telfort then you need to get in contact with KPN. KPN bought Telfort a long time ago, and also took over their network. I rely on other people in this thread to recognise the equipment, but looking at the sticker within the power cabinet Telfort seems indeed to be the owner. I hope this is any help to you.

Please keep us updated!

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Hi Jeffrey, many thanks! Will do! I’ve managed to email Keep you posted folks!

Looking at the fact that there are fences and a cage ladder present you could check if there are any stickers on there. Usually each contractor puts a certification sticker on it next to a Monet-sticker. The Monet-sticker states the provider.

If it indeed is Telfort then you need to contact KPN. I have no idea what their landlord email address is but if the Odido comes out to nothing I could always ask around in my network. Maybe I can find any contact details as calling ordinary customer service will probably end in an endless loop with a lot of frustration as this case is too unique. Opening a topic on either customer communities can also help.

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If you need to contact KPN you can call 0800-0753. This is the number which you can call in case of a problem with a KPN site. Maybe they can help you.

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Looking at the antenna mounts Telfort springs to mind. There are more of these lingering around.

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Not sure if they can, that number is of the SQC and I’m not sure if they can do much without any site ID. It is worth a shot though.

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Thanks guys! So this week the story went from zero to one and back to zero It appeared that the antenna and site have been owned by Telfort, T-Mobile and now Odido. At least this is what Antennebureau told me. However, yesterday I was just told by Cellnex that this is about the antenna on the other side of the street, so we are back to square zero. I checked for a sticker or any other marks, but it seems that nothing can be found. I just went back to the Antennebureau to see what they have to say. This time I sent them screenshots from Google Maps, but let’s see if they will be able to give the right information this time.

Would you be willing to ask your network if they can help find the owner? Thanks for suggesting and most probably you will be right that all this will end in an endless loop :blush: :wink:

OK, I will try calling them next week just in case. Thanks!

I think we know that those are not the site IDs: 1) L.4951/TI.946 (Cellnext ID) and 2) antenne ID in het Antenneregister (5300427880). It seems that those pointed out to the the site on the opposite side of the street.

Would you be willing to suggest other customer communities?

Asked an old colleague and didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Calling the SQC won’t help much I think because they’re mostly there for sites that are on air. Think it’s best to mail to, the Landlord-department of KPN. If there is anything with a site-ID present it’s best to use that as well. If not, send out exact coordinates of Maps so nobody would make the same mistake about the site across the street.

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Can you reopen the link to the photos again? I think I have an opportunity for you to figure out an location ID… Looks like I found something.

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@alexshopski As requested above, could you try to re-upload your photo’s? I increased your permission level on the forum so please try uploading it directly here. If that doesn’t work, feel free to send me a PM to figure out why it doesn’t work.

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@Backcorner35 great, many thanks!

A quick update: after escalating the case with the I was referred to Afdeling Markttoezicht, Directie Apparatuur, Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur and they referred me to people from company called i-Max. I’ve already approached them and now I am waiting for their response. Let’s see…

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After speaking with the abovementioned people I was told that i-Max does not exist anymore and I should take care of removing the hardware.

Do you have any ideas of people/companies with de-installation experience?